A Day in the Life of Retail Advisor – Susan

Susan only started with us in September 2018 after spending a number of years at a different retailer. She is one of our amazing advisor in our Farnborough store.

Susan chose O2, because of the shift patterns. It helps her to keep her work life balance, meaning she can still go and see her Mum and continue to live her life. She also likes the fact that stores and head office work together. O2 is very much everyone talks to each other company, no matter your role, background or where you sit in the business.

Susan might have only been with us a short amount of time, but she knows how much she has helped the customers she has served because people have told her this. She remembers helping a lady who has some health problem and making sure the tech she brought from us did everything she needed it to do to help her in her day to day life.

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