Another bike ride to remember – NSPCC

Hot on the wheels of the last bike ride story about the Leeds to Slough charity bike ride, we’ve learned that another group also took ‘Cycle to work day’ way too far. This time pedaling from our switch site in Northampton to Bath Road in a day. That’s 75 miles. In one day.

Our Brave cyclists started their day on 21 September at 5.30am armed with a breakfast bag from our friends at ISS. As you can image nerves were pretty high, the challenge that lies ahead was beginning to sink in.  But before they had time to change their minds, a bleary-eyed team of almost 30 riders left Slough and headed for Northampton. 2 hours later, they were headed back – this time on two wheels.

Winding their way across the country through towns and villages with their support vehicles (which included a mobile tuck shop, to keep them well-nourished), the team – consisting of Telefónica people from Fraud & Security, Property and Network Services, pedaled throughout the day.

They arrived at Bath Road at tired and cold, but mostly proud at what they have achieved. The time was 5:30pm and their achievement had not unnoticed. They were greeted by Mark, Patricia and Derek, as well as some medals, chocolates and a few cheeky glasses of bubbly to celebrate their achievement.

But the question still remains. Why? Why would anyone subject themselves to 10 straight hours in the saddle? That seems like a lot of effort to for raising awareness for our bike to work scheme. Well it is actually for a very good reason, it turns out: Their heroic efforts raised over £5600 for the O2 NSPCC partnership, which will go a long way to help keep kids safe online.

Huge congratulations and well done to everyone who took part.

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