Best moment in the Stores Of The Future

An amazing moment for me was when Christine, a lady I used to help when I  was a Guru in Oldham, got in contact with me to come and see me again in  Stores of the Future Manchester.

She has been deaf for several years and we was only able to  communicate to through lip reading. She was incredibly surprised when I  could sign the alphabet to her. This gave us a whole new way of  communicating which was exciting!

I introduced her to Shaun Carr who was able to help her setup the new iPad  she had bought from us, and he taught her some tech-related signs she didn’t  know about while she was here. She returned a few weeks later to say thank  you and to tell us how much she loved her iPad, so I was then able to  introduce her to Habib Anwar, who had a full conversation with her in sign.

Her tech is incredibly important to her as it’s how she communicates with the world and stays in touch with family, so it’s an honour for us to be a part of it. Undoubtedly a customer for life and she’ll no doubt be returning!

By Paul Bond

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