Meet Beth Middleton

Length at current job?

13 months

What’s your position, what do you do on a daily basis?

My team looks after O2’s corporate university O2 Campus. We work on designing and building the platform, continually improving the journeys our users take and the learning we deliver. Additionally, I sit within the O2 Campus marketing team, marketing the university, learning etc to our users through Workplace.

Why O2? What made you apply?

I applied for a number of different apprenticeships. but after visiting O2 and witnessing their unique culture I was sold. Everyone I spoke to throughout the application process were so positive about the company the opportunities they had been offered. When it came down to deciding what apprenticeship to take, it was a no brainier.

What makes O2 a great place to work?

Their culture, their values and the attitude of every employee. It’s an amazing place to work and you have the opportunity to learn from some really talented people within the business. As someone part of the Early Careers network, we are offered some amazing support and benefits such as trips to Barcelona and the Lake District, there’s so many people in the same position as you so you never feel alone or out of place.

What keeps you motivated to go to work each day?

I feel really valued within my team and that keeps me motivated. At O2 no idea’s a bad idea and all opinions are considered and appreciated, no matter of your position within the company.

What is your proudest accomplishment on the job?

My proudest accomplishment is helping to design, build and launch the first corporate university within the telecommunications industry -it was an amazing team effort that taught me so much and has since been nominated for two awards.

How have you evolved in your current job? How have you evolved as a person?

My confidence has evolved massively, due to some amazing workshops I can now present in front of substantial crowds without batting an eye. I’ve also learnt a phenomenal amount over the last 13 months and picked up numerous transferable skills that help me in everyday life.

What is one piece of advice you would give to someone applying?

The process seems long, but it’s definitely worth it for the chances and opportunities you get.

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