Campus Lounge

Thanks to O2 Campus Lounge our people are at their best on day one. Once an offer is accepted, we bring people into the fold right away. This helpful website introduces those new to the business to our leaders and their divisions. It also provides our new people with advice for their first day, including what to wear and how to get there.

Nobody shows up for a first date without at least a little chat first. We want to get to know each other a little better before you show up at the door. The O2 Campus Lounge online portal lets our new employees explore who we are; our culture, and values as soon as they have accepted their offer.

Investment in our people starts even before they’re in the front door. Once new starters accept their offers. We offer access to O2 Campus Lounge, an online portal that welcomes new joiners, introduces them to who we are and how we work. It helps our people to feel a little more at home before day one.

Written by Michael Beckley, from the People Development Team.

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