A Day in the Life of Advisor – Laura

Laura is one of our fantastic advisors, she is super passionate about her job and the team she works in. She much so, that she is currently trying to work towards becoming an Assistant Manager and progressing in her role with us.

Why O2 for Laura? Well, because she gets to go to work but also gets to be a Mum to her little boy. She is able to have set shifts that work around him, meaning she always knows when she is meant to be at work, and she can ensure that her little boy is always looked after.

During her time with O2, we have really helped her to grow, learn and develop, not only in work but also outside of work, we have helped her to be able to lower her anxiety and build her confidence. As part of her development, the team went to Twickenham Stadium to do some networking with different stores from different regions within the business.

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