A Day in the Life Of – Amit

Amit has worked at O2 for the last 12 and a half years, he started as a part-time advisor whilst at university and now works as a full-time advisor in our Leicester High Cross Store.

Before we meet Amit and learn more about his day to day life, let’s find out what an advisor is. Our advisors are our first point of call for our customers. Now you know that, let’s see what a day can look like for Amit.

For Amit, his usual day is interacting with customers, which includes anything from helping them with a phone issue to selling them the latest tech product they want. Also, as part of his role he is the stores Samsung Ambassador 9all our stores have different ambassadors for our different phone suppliers), as part of this role he helps to train the team on Samsung products and go to events hosted by Samsung. 

One of the main things Amit prides himself on is his customer service. He has customers that return to store to see him specifically because he has helped them before and because they know they will get good service with him.

At O2, we pride ourselves on making sure our people get the acknowledgement for the amazing work they do we this via our bebrilliant scheme, which runs incentives and competitions for our people. Amit has been very lucky in winning prizes. He has won holidays, technology and has also got a lot of recognition from his Store Manager and also his regional leader.

Want to find out more about Amit and his role? Click here

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