A Day in the Life of Assistant Manager – Owen

Owen is one of our amazing Assistant Managers, before this role, he was one of our Gurus in a completely different store. He loves working for us and talking about how brilliant we are to work for.


We wanted to know why O2 was so brilliant and what made Owen love working for us, so we simply asked him ‘Why O2?’ and he gave us a few reasons but we chose just three.
1, We care
Owen loves how we care about our people and make them our number one priority
2, Our Incentives
Owen thinks we put on great incentives for our people. He has won a number of holidays, some technology and vouchers.
3, Growth of confidence
Owen loves the fact we have helped him grow to his confidence. How did we do this? We give him a chance to be involved in things he wouldn’t usually be able to get involved in, like the filming of the Day in the Life of videos.

So they are just some of Owen’s reasons, if you want to know more of them, watch his Day in the Life of video and you’ll learn so much more about why he loves O2.

Also, Owen said if you are thinking about join O2, then just do it. He hasn’t regretted a single day of it, and he is planning on being with us for as long as we will keep him.

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