A day in the life of Guru Abid

Amid is one of our wonderful techy Gurus, at our Birmingham New Street Store. Our gurus look after the techy issues our customer might have, they also transfer data from their old phone to their new shiny phones. The final part of the role is to help to train the team they work with to learn about the latest tech.

As part of his role Amid does everything an O2 Guru needs to, but he also does a few things that are above and beyond his day-to-day role. One of the biggest and most exciting Amid has been involved in was a big Diwali Event in Birmingham, where he got lots of recognition from his manager and also the Mayor of the Midlands.

The team that Abid works in, is diverse, so they make sure that as a team they have some banter and make sure that the team are having fun together. The store has a lot of Asian employees, so they make sure to get everyone involved in stuff to do with Asian culture and teach them about their culture as well, and their language.

The security guard they have in store is part of their family and to make sure he feels included, they get him involved in things going on in the store, this also includes dancing to Bhangra music when they are playing it in store.

Want to find out more about Abid’s Role? Click Here

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