A Day in the Life of Guru Dan

Dan is one of our O2 Gurus, and he works in our Taunton Store.

He enjoys interacting with customers and looking back at the successes from the day. It is always good to review and look at what has happened, because you can use it to help you in future, and most of the time as Guru you are learning new things, which helps to be reviewed because you can use it in the future to help both your customers and our people in store.

He loves the atmosphere we have across both our stores and our head office. You can get all sorts of recognition from all different levels in the business, which can really help with people’s confidence and helps them to make themselves feel better about their job and how they are doing within the company.

The best day he has had in the business is when his old Exeter store won a treat day because of all the hard work they did. These are known as bebrilliant days and the whole store gets to go out and have a fun day, whilst their store is looked after by people from different stores in their regions.

Dan says, if you are thinking about joining O2, then keep an open mind when applying for the role, it isn’t all sales and commission based. You can make the job exactly what you want.

Want to know more about Dan and his role as an O2 Guru? Click Here 

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