A Day in the Life Of O2 Guru – Laura

Laura has been with us for around 6 and a half years and for five and a half of those she has been one of our techy Gurus.

Her day can be different because for her being a Guru is a very varied role and there are lots of different things she can get up to. Some days she is training the team and helping customers, the next day she should be getting in touch with local companies to try and set up partnerships and events with them. These events allow Laura to go out into the community and teach people how best to use their tech and make the most out of it. The main highlight of the role for Laura is interaction with the customer because no two customers are the same, which gives her a challenge and lets her learn new things with every interaction.

Laura loves working for O2 because they are so accommodating and give her the freedom to be the very best Guru she can possibly be. This is also helped by the fact she can travel to other stores and spend time with other Gurus. The networking with other Guru’s allows her to grow within her role.

The one piece of advice Laura has for you is, “if you are a people person, O2 is the right environment for you.”

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