A Day in the Life of Store Manager – Mark

Mark is the Store Manager of the Woking store and has been in the industry for 13 years across both Australia and the UK.  He has been working with I2 for the last year and for him the last year has been pretty amazing.

His usual day varies, but he always arrives at store half an hour early, so he can get set up for the day and get the team briefed and ready to go. The morning sessions are great because it is a great way to get the team pumped and ready for the day. He loves the team he works with because they always help and support each other. There is really good morale between them.

Mark says if you are thinking of applying for a role at O2, just do it. If you are thinking about being a Store Leader there are a few traits you will need. You will need to be outgoing, willing to listen, to share stories and to learn from others in your team and across the business.

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