My Experience in the Manchester SOTF


I recently visited our store of the future in Manchester Market Street as part of the ‘Listening Tour’. I had a fantastic time with Laura and the store team, who are very proud of their store and of working for O2. I wanted to share my experience with everyone, as this a great example of being customer led. For Laura and her team being customer led is about truly understanding what their customers and the local community want and then delivering against that.

First impression

From the moment I walked into the store, I got exactly why the people of Manchester love it, it has a fantastic atmosphere and buzz. Everyone gets a warm welcome from the smiling ‘Super Gurus’ who are passionate as well as knowledgeable and happy to help. Customers can visit the different zones, VR, fitness, photography and of course mobile phones! Being able to explore all the different technology and get hands on, it’s all centred round what customers want.


Customer experience

Customers can touch and feel the products, while passionate and knowledgeable Gurus are there to help when it’s needed. The team also give tutorials for customers who need some support in using their products, it’s based on customer needs and led by the customer, these tutorials range from setting up a phone to being able to use your iPad as an etch- a-sketch!

Music is a big part of Manchester’s heritage, so there’s even a live DJ – getting customers involved and mixing music. I even had a go myself, but let’s just say, I’m not giving up the day job!!! The team also told me all about the work they are doing with Manchester’s local community, particularly with people who are deaf, helping them use technology so they can communicate with their family and friends.



I came away knowing that Laura and her team are really working hard with their customers to deliver those standout customer experiences and to be truly customer led.

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By Sandra Fazackerly

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