Inspiration comes from within

I think that the phrase ‘Inspiration comes from within’ is some official meme quote relating to motivation; apologies to the Dali Lama if it was his but I felt that this very much reflected how I thought about the 100’s of successful women we have here in O2. I have worked for O2 for a fair few years (I go back to the BT Mobile days) and I am always massively impressed by the people I work with. Sometimes I’m a bit in awe in that I stare and wonder at how marvellous they are – and a bit green-eyed in my own frailties that I wish I was more.

So, in developing with Clare Bliss the Career Journeys workstream of the O2 Women’s Network I felt really strongly that we have lots of women in O2 with really compelling stories about how they have progressed, managed and achieved and that their stories would provide a secret of some sort to how we could all be like them.

We heard from some amazing women earlier this year, all with modest starts in life – Katy wanted to be on stage or a racing car driver, Alyson refused to work in the local factory to sew buttons on teddy bears and Amanda was formally a Butlins red coat. I found their stories really compelling. Not to mention they had found their way into tech to become leaders!

And their secret. One thing that I felt they had in common after listening to all of their stories was that they were all passionate about learning more. Their stories reflected a cycle of learn – change- practice – skill. They had a common theme of resilience – that when put off they bounced back, they reflected that their knocks in life provided more of a chance to practice before coming back stronger and achieving their goals. This isn’t a secret, it’s just something I think we are all capable of, and we just forget sometimes, I know I do.

Their stories told how they really strived for more – they felt they could be more, do more and offer more back.

And they are all part of O2.

Wow ladies and thank you.

Vanessa Kilburn
Co-chair of O2 Women’s Network.


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