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Like a lot of my team, I am really interested in how our social use of the internet can prepare us for work. Recently an article suggested that the ‘Generation Facebook’ IT skills are wasted at work. Essentially it is talking about some research telling us that people leaving education have a high level of confidence in their IT skills but that employers aren’t making the most of these skills. A couple of comments left suggested that the skills that people are gaining are more about confidence in using IT than knowledge of particular pieces of software and that therefore the skills aren’t necessarily tangible to employers.  

How useful is confidence? It’s essential! In many of our roles we are not looking for masses of IT knowledge and experience, we are looking for you to have the basics and the confidence to learn.  

As you can imagine at O2 we are really passionate about technology. We aim to make complex technology simple to understand and easy to use. This starts with our employees, if you have a passion for new devices then we will harness those skills and help you develop them, if you love browsing and downloading then maybe you would want to develop your skills in our data teams? With Facebook and Napster now available on O2 active your experience is invaluable to our customers.  

Our Broadband teams love trying to find solutions to technical problems and so use everything from X-Boxes to Apple Macs to try to reproduce problems and find solutions for our customers. We also have chat rooms so that we can all ask each other questions and benefit from each others experiences. 

We will help you to get the most out of your skills and develop them even further. For example our Bright Sparks site encourages anyone to log on and suggest innovative ideas. It then gives you the tools and resources to help you develop and share your idea with the whole business! 

Do you need to know how to use every kind of mobile phone or piece of technology? Of course not! We have all the tools you need; all you need is the confidence and enthusiasm to learn… 

   – Louise

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