Job Hunting Tip #1Know who you’re applying to!

One really simple way to increase your chances of success with your job application is to know who it is you’re applying to. That sounds simple enough doesn’t it – Why would you apply for a job not knowing anything about the role or the company? When you are looking for your next career move you’ll want to be sure that the company that you are applying to is right for you.

Squeezing in time to look for a new job can be challenging enough, so taking time to do a little bit of research might feel difficult. A little bit of your time invested in finding out about the company and the role is essential. One question you will almost always be asked at interview is ‘What do you know about our company?’  

The amount of information that you should try to find out really depends on the type and level of the role that you are applying for. Make sure that the information is relevant to the role that you are applying for and shows that you have thought carefully about the job before making your application. For example if you are applying for a Retail position then drop into one of the stores, have a look around and gather some thoughts on what you like and where you can see potential opportunities.

We try to put as much information as we can onto our careers site so that you can find out all about O2 before applying. Some companies will have 2 or 3 different websites so search around and see what you can find. Like most employers we love to see candidates that have taken the time to find out a little bit about us, popped into an O2 store and visited our websites. If there’s something you’d like to know about us, that you can’t find on our careers site then why not leave a comment on the blog or contact us via the site and we’ll do our best to help and we might even add the answer to our FAQ.

 – Louise

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