My journey to becoming an Assistant Store Leader

So, where to begin!? My road of progression started 4 years ago, when I joined Milton Keynes Silbury Arcade as an Advisor.

It was my first ever job and, as you can imagine, was quite a nervous time for me. However, since my first day in store, I knew this was the company I really wanted to work for. And my passion from back then has never changed. Progressing from part time role to full time made it clear to me my goal was to be Store Leader. So this is what I worked on for around a year and a half or so, supporting my store Leadership team and helping to develop my store team on a day-to-day basis.

I put in the extra hours to put myself out there, and to learn all different aspects of the business and processes, so I could be that “go to” person’ in store. This really helped me progress towards my next venture, which was as a Guru in the Milton Keynes Midsummer store. I knew that moving stores would help me to gain additional knowledge, and test my ability in a different environment, with a new team. I was determined to return to the Silbury Arcade store as a Cat 1 Assistant Store Leader at some point though!

Helping Silbury Arcade and Mildsummer teams to excel was a proud achievement. I earned the nickname ‘Postman Pat’, as I always delivered! This proved to me the impact I can have. As a Guru, I took some additional duties. For example, reporting for my region and making sure all Gurus were hitting their targets. Working in the Midsummer store taught me a lot on a personal and development level.. After not succeeding at my first attempt at returning to the Silbury Arcade store as a CAT 1 ASL, it would have been easy for me to become down heartened about it all.

However, I kept my chin up and worked on the skills I needed to be ready for that step up. I looked more at my physical evidence & the impact I was having. Three months down the line, another ASL vacancy came up in the Silbury Arcade store, for which I was successful with this time round. This is where I am today.

It’s good to be back where I started with the company, and it’s a good & proud moment for me, as this was essentially my goal from ‘day one’. Anyone close to me, knows how much work and time I put into achieving this goal. My journey doesn’t stop there though. My next goal is to become a Store Leader. I have been very fortunate with all of the Store leaders and Assistant Store Leaders that I have worked with. Every single one of them has supported me, to get me where I am today. I’m very grateful, not only for that, but for them just believing in me!

The moral of my story is: Never give up on your goals and, if at first you don’t succeed, try again.

By Jordan Valkenburg

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