Meet Aysha – Data Governance Analyst Apprentice

My role is a Data Governance Analyst. On a day to day basis, my team and I work with the data in Remedy. Although we govern the data in Remedy – we don’t work with GDPR! I’m currently working on a data quality project to try and improve data levels in Remedy and the UK CMDB. This can enhance user experience but also make reporting easier. I work with my own data set called Product Categorisations; these help with Reporting and assigning incident/change and work order records to the correct support groups.

The reason I chose an apprenticeship was because to me going to university was not an option. I didn’t like the idea of rising student loans but still wanted to carry on studying. As I had already done my A Levels I wanted something higher level that would still push me to try.

O2 was just one of the many places I’d applied to. I wasn’t set on a career path so was applying to any roles that seemed fascinating. The business just had those different vacancies from network engineering, app development to data and cybersecurity. (Interesting fact: I never actually applied for the role I’m in – it was just an extra interview opportunity that I was given so I thought why not?)

However, working for O2 and having the job I’ve got is something I’m thankful for; it has helped me in many ways to improve my confidence, try out opportunities I ever would have thought were possible and pushed me out of my comfort zone. My greatest achievement has to be building my own personal development. Without the push of my manager and the team, I never would have volunteered for opportunities or even willingly taken part.

My time on the apprenticeship scheme is nearly over, I’m now looking at the offboarding process. I hope to stay within my team and get further insight into Remedy Foundation Data. With less time for apprenticeship work and more time for working, I can get involved further and help my team master data management using the skills I’ve learnt.

The advice I’d give to anyone considering an O2 apprenticeship, it’s a great programme that gives you chances you may never get again. Not only are you working but you start as a cohort who bond as you go, together you may fly to Spain or go gorge walking – It’s all part of the programme. For those looking at an apprenticeship in general, I’d say, don’t just look at the apprenticeship you’re applying for, look at the company it’s with. What the colleagues of the company say, and how they feel about going to work each day is what makes the difference.

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