Meet Chris Wood – Be Brilliant Winner

I’m Chris Wood and I have worked at the O2 Store for 2 years as Assistant Store Leader,

I wanted to chat today about Be Brilliant & how it’s been fantastic for me & Our store


So what is Be Brilliant:

In a nutshell it’s for all O2 team members to win great prizes & Be Brilliant points which you can swap for vouchers From Amazon, Argos through to Zizzi, & in fact I’ve just bought my Sons Birthday present which was a Bike from Halfords and it cost me nothing as I used my Be Brilliant points this will help me so much around Christmas as well.


So how have I earned Be Brilliant points:

well for me i love to enter competitions & take part in incentives I still remember my 1st win which was a Hot Air Balloon Trip for myself and My Dad which has always been a dream for us to do together, and thanks to Be Brilliant I won this by just telling Be Brilliant why I would like to win this trip.


So Competitions & Incentives

There is always something every day on Be Brilliant for you to take part in which will be simple & fun you may win £2 in be brilliant points or even  £100 if your lucky enough,  but its the Incentives that I personally love and you can win dream holidays & Great Team nights out, we recently won a team night out to the Luxury movies but in true Be Brilliant style we have a Hummer Limousine for the full night of travel, & a meal & drinks for the whole team & of course the Movie as well, its a night the store certainly will not forget in a while.


How did we win this incentive? quite easy really we just did our normal daily duties and topped our league table, of course, we are very competitive and kept a close eye on the league tables to ensure we gave a bigger push when needed, but simply we just sold the phones we love to the right customers.


Also as I’m an ASL end of the year reviews with my Store Leader allow me to gain extra Be Brilliant points which are in the hundreds, this has really helped me push myself every day I’m in work to go that extra mile to better myself as I can see the reward that I will get which is great.


For 12 months I did not touch my points and winning £2 or winning £100 all have helped me and added up to a nice balance which I’ve used to treat my family, I won these on O2’s Workplace page for Be Brilliant, Be Brilliant on my phone & my End of year review, its so easy and simple


As a store always work as a team to take part in every incentive & we all really get behind Be Brilliant as its really great fun, although I’ve not personally won a holiday yet and that’s going to be my aim for 2020 a few of our team have won trips away to some great destinations like  Prague & Salou in 2019  which they told me how amazing the trips was.


If I had to sum up Be Brilliant I would say I’m being rewarded very well for doing my job and having lots of fun & IM always looking forward to the next Incentive that pops up.

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