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Why giffgaff

I’ve been working for giffgaff for about 6 months now and so far it’s possibly the best company I’ve worked for.

The key reason is that giffgaff shares a lot of my personal values, especially around being collaborative, mutual giving/respect and its views on sustainability and recycling. The way the company was founded, around the idea of ‘members first’, is something refreshing to see in action. So many companies claim to put their customers at the forefront of their values – but very few actually seem to do it. giffgaff does it every day.

The actual job is really fun. I live about a 2-hour drive away, but I am happy to come into the office every day. no two days are alike and every project I’ve been a part of has been different and each comes with its own challenge.

But it’s never too difficult or stressful. I think that’s partly down to the excellent team giffgaff has brought on board. Everyone is very helpful and we know we’re all in it together – so, if you need a hand, you can pretty much ask anyone and get the help you need.

As an employee, you are respected as a person and for your skillset. You’re never micro-managed. You’re free to crack on with your work as you see fit. As long as you are delivering in a timely manner, they don’t mind how you work.

It’s weird to think that I’m a role that I’ve pretty much been doing for over 15 years at different companies, but this is the first one where I actually feel good about what I do and want to get up in the morning to do it.


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