Meet O2 Guru Amerie McAtamney

Hi, my name is Amerie McAtamney, I am an O2 Guru in Belfast.

“Tech-based roles are predominantly filled by men”

Tech-based roles are predominantly filled by men, however, this is something which I firmly believe to be on the flip. I love my role in O2 and have excelled in the past 4 years. I have had opportunities to break new ground and show my male counterparts I am just as good.

In 2014 I won an award for creating a process using tech that helped with the promotion of our o2 apps (priority and my o2). This was the turning point for me. I took the opportunity and ran, I have been to the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona with my role. I have been part of Guru Forums where we showcase the business plan, across England and Scotland.

Amerie 4 years ago was quiet, had a career in O2 for 5 years prior and knew that I could do so much and add so much to the business that I love to work for. So what I’m saying to any woman out there considering a role in O2, as an advisor, a store leader or an O2 Guru, do not be put off by the fact you could be one of only a small number of women in that role because you alone can set the standard O2 offer to our customers and the opportunities to shine are based on merit, not gender.

I am proud to represent women in tech and look forward to the coming years when more women are by my side leading the way.

By Amerie McAtamney

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