Meet Owen Rodden – Be Brilliant Winner

This is awesome! Be Brilliant is actually one of the main things I rave about when recommending the company to people I know who are thinking of applying.


So Be Brilliant is exactly what it says on the tin! It’s where you go to show how you can Be Brilliant at your job! It has genuinely been the best rewards and recognition programme I have seen operate in any company I’ve been a part of and have heard about in my extended friend’s circle. They’re always jealous when I tell them what rewards I have been lucky enough to experience.

Basically, the vendors that we stock put up competitions where we can win various prizes for completing tasks and selling certain devices. I have always managed to excel in these as the main thing that is targetted is your product knowledge. Prizes are won sometimes based solely on you completing quizzes and showing what you’ve learned, this, in turn, lets you bring all the cool features of a product to a customer and when we actually get to know them we find how these things will make their lives even better! I love seeing the moment on a customer’s face when I show them a cool feature and they light up just imagining what that will mean for them.

It is also key to engagement in stores. I started as an advisor and these competitions really pushed me to do more for my customers every day. When I covered other stores and spoke to other advisors it was always the ones that took part and were most engaged that saw the best outputs. When I moved into my first leadership role I saw how important it was to have my team engaged in everything that goes on. Some of the smallest rewards have been the most impactful and turned a quiet slow day into an energy-filled experience that has drawn customers into the store to feel the vibe going on. (More than once I’ve had some Dominoes appear as if by magic to feed the masses). I have moved from Advisor to Guru to ASL and eventually to SL on my journey and in every store, I’ve gone to it’s been one of my key areas to focus on with staff and it has always shown improvement in morale, team spirit and performance.

I’m a chronic spender of money, saving to me is hard especially when a Lightning Deal on Amazon appears and its too good to ignore! Be Brilliant has funded more than one Chris Mukkah Spending Spree (mostly spoiling myself because if you can’t love yourself, how you gonna love someone else) with the huge range of vouchers you can order it’s a no brainer to always have a little squirreled away in my account for last-minute deals and thanks to EVouchers it’s instantaneous. These have only come around because the BB team listened to our feedback and evolved in kind to make it a better experience! Who else can say that their company changes on the voice of the workers rather than the higher-ups?

I joined the business not long before the birth of Be Brilliant and I’ve seen it develop through its infancy into the powerhouse it is today! Since it’s inception I have been lucky enough to celebrate numerous things with the team and genuine once in a lifetime experiences. Make a cuppa because this list gets long;

I have been to Brazil to see the World Cup and got VIP Access to a football village whilst I was there. I stayed on the beach in RIO and was flown to Sao Paolo for a day to watch the Quarter Final between England and Uruguay, I ran into Russell Howard whilst I was there and had an extended conversation with Arson Wenger (although I had no idea it was him as I don’t follow football at all! There were a few jealous people on the trip with me that day and he was a nice dude, pretty chill, good chat. 9/10 would not recognise again and have a lovely chat – trip advisor rating for him). I also got taken up Sugar Loaf Mountain for Lunch, had a helicopter tour of the place and went up to see Big Jesus (Christ the Redeemer), he is most definitely a big BIG JESUS! I had some fantastic Meals at all the posh places (where I don’t normally get in) and some amazing memories not only for myself but I got to bring my partner at the time!

Next, I was lucky enough to win a trip to Barcelona. It’s not so exciting for a lot of people but before I had worked for O2 I had never actually been abroad so it was all an adventure for me. We always get spoilt whilst we’re away but this one is one of my favourites. We had a tour around Barcelona at night doing a walking tour going from Tapas Place to Tapas place and getting an amazing history lesson on the area. Shown some amazing architecture and having a fun Segway Race to win some token prizes! My favourite memory was when we were taken to a speakeasy-style pub, we walked through a packed bar, into a kitchen, into a toilet where the sink folded away from the wall and we were taken to a private bar room and were given a taser of fancy cocktails to try. I was lucky enough to try a 25 year Macallan Whisky that I probably won’t get to experience for a Long Time to come. It was cracking! We also had options of visiting Camp Nou or doing a Gaudi Experience Tour. By all accounts both were fantastic.

Following that I was the proud recipient of a £2000 Spending Spree in John Lewis! It was awesome!! I felt like I was a real Playa, not even looking at price tags! Walked in and was dropping money on everything without even looking, I actually struggled to spend it all. I treated myself to a big 55″ TV which I have to this day, a Dyson which I also still use to this day, some high-end Whisky (I still have some of it but it was a bad call as now I can’t drink the cheap stuff and a night out costs me 3x what it used to haha) some GHD’s for my partner at the time, (she’d been at me for ages asking for them so it was opportune) and then just some random bits and pieces. Got a really cool death star ice ball maker that my friend stole when I moved house! 

After that, I won a £1000 pound dream reward and lived my big kid dreams of going to Disney Land Paris! This was actually my favourite reward as it came at a really difficult time in my own and my friend’s lives. They were struggling to start a family and had unfortunately gone through some difficulties. So to cheer us all up we went to London for a night and seen Aladdin on the west end! THEN flew to Paris for 3 days to go to Disney Land one day and explore the next couple. On my adventures (whilst I let my friends enjoy the city of love without the third wheel) I ended up watching a very surreal French Rap Battle on the stairs of the Sacre Cour in the MontMart District and it is genuinely one of the best things I have ever seen! AND to top it all off, my friends came back and were lucky enough to have started their family whilst there. Little Alexander turns 5 soon and is one of the funniest people i know!

I then was rewarded with a trip to DUBAI! This is when I had really embraced my GURU role and was looking at pushing engagement to the MAX! I wasn’t sure how so I did something that to this day has given me a name in certain circles… I wanted to show how fun it can be to win these things but also just to take part. The top 1% of leaders in this particular campaign all flew to London for 2 days to give a presentation on why they think they should be considered for a trip to Dubai. So in the very professional setting of The Shard in London, in the very professional Meeting Room, with the very professional higher-ups from O2 and Samsung and other successful leaders… I put on a Dress, Grabbed a Wig and rewrote the Let It Go from Frozen in the hopes that it would give everyone a laugh. I genuinely didn’t think I deserved to be in the room with these high performing people and had zero expectation of getting to take part in this trip. I won and now have a reputation to uphold as the parody song guy! (Videos are available on request haha)! Dubai was amazing, We stayed in the Atlantis Palm, we got to eat at Gordon Ramsay’s Restaurant, we had a seaplane tour around the city, we got to drive Jeeps through the desert and had drinks at sunset, we were taken to a fantastic outdoor restaurant that had all you can eat food and live dance shows showing the history of the region, we had a whole day in the waterpark attached to the hotel (I loved that lazy river). We also decided to take ourselves out to a Karaoke Bar where we just took over the place and had an incredibly fun time!

Since then I have been to Wales to experience some Glamping and the world’s Longest Zipline! It was cool. There were a couple of us unable to do it all and the team managed to book us something last minute so we weren’t left out! And to another Glamping Experience Down in Norwich where we had sooooooo much fun with a silent disco and live band, BBQ and huge firepit!

Most recently my team and I won a night out together. We managed to get a Limo Drive to dinner, have dinner at an all you can eat Buffet and then Limo back to a bought out Cinema for a private screening of IT 2! We all loved it and have even discussed trying to do it again ourselves!

On every one of these rewards, I have met people that I now count among my friend’s group. People from all up and down the country who I can call up if I’m in the area and we’re genuinely excited to see one another again and catch up! That is one of the best rewards from each trip I have been lucky enough to experience.

In between all these big prizes I’ve also won hundreds of pounds of vouchers for various things, Tech like iPads, Watches, Tablets and Phones and just some BONZER stories to tell people.

I love this team, I want to be a part of this team and bring other people the joy I have gotten from these things, they are just brilliant. It’s the perfect word for it!

I realise I have rambled a lot now and hopefully you can use at least some of it haha.

Still in it to win it to this day!

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