A Moment of Pride – Kate Skeggs

‘It has to be the most animated, high-energy Marketing offsite at O2 I’ve seen.’ – Head of Brand and Marcomms


One of the best off-sites I’ve been to…. Exceptional day’– Head of Customer Marketing


Seeing these messages come through from…for leaders in Marketing along with a myriad of other positive comments made all the energy and effort I had put into the creation of this event worth it.  I could finally release that deep breath I had been holding in all day!


Let me paint the picture for you. The Marketing Team at O2 is incredibly broad. It spans from very creative individuals in our Brand and Marcomms team to super analytical individuals in our Data, insights and Analytics team. And trust me we have everything in between too.  Therefore delivering an event that satisfies the needs of all 350 people can be a challenge.


What’s more the feedback from our employees was that it wasn’t the time for forced fun, everyone was super busy and they wanted to get something worthwhile out of the event, not just have a jolly! There’s nothing like making the task even more challenging before it’s even began! Something similar to our trip to Thorpe Park last year just wouldn’t suffice this year.


The day focused on how we could collaborate better within Marketing. We created an ‘O2 Marketing Expo’, where each team created a stand to showcase what they do. We even had a prop shop that people could buy everything from a Shawn Mendes cut out to an England rugby ball to help demonstrate the work they do on a day to day. As you can guess with 350 people in a team, it’s hard to expect everyone to know what everyone does but this exercise created a lot of energy in the room and people left knowing more about what their colleagues worked on and where work could be completed together to create synergies.  The afternoon tested everyone’s skill set. Mixed teams received a padlocked chest with multiple chests inside that were also locked. Teams had to work together, utilising everyone’s skillsets to crack the challenge.


A huge sense of pride washed over me when I heard everyone after the event chatting about the new things they had learnt, the new people they had met and the fun they had had.  The emails from the senior leaders was the icing on top and a great end to the day!


The O2 Grad scheme gives you opportunities like this one to shine. They will often be challenging scenarios but you wouldn’t be on the graduate scheme if people didn’t think you could achieve them. Throughout the challenging moments I had support from my manager and the Events Team but I also got the recognition I deserved.


O2’s brand is all about ‘Breathe it all in’ and that is exactly what I did at the end of the event. I could finally take a moment to stop and look at everything I had achieved and trust me it felt amazing!


By Kate Skeggs – Comms and Business Lead

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