Preparing for a telephone interview – Hints & Tips!

Often when I’m talking to candidates, they tell me how nervous they feel prior to a telephone interview, as this is the second stage to our interview process, I thought I could suggest some useful tips on how best to be prepared for the call!

A common mistake people make is not ensuring they are in a quiet place where they will not be disturbed and can therefore give the interviewer their full attention.  We have had candidates here at O2 who have taken the call for their pre-booked interview whilst in the bath, on a bus, even at a theme park!  If the interviewer can’t hear you they will usually have to tell the you they can’t continue the interview and they will need to call back and rearrange for a more convenient time.  This isn’t a great start to an interview so try and avoid doing it!

Make sure you feel prepared, have a pen and paper and any research you might have done on the company to hand, it also helps to have a glass of water nearby incase your throat gets dry with all the talking you are doing!

Listen carefully to the questions and then try to answer speaking slowly and clearly, sometimes when people are nervous they speak really quickly making it difficult for them to be understood. 

Here at O2, some of the answers you give on your online application, will be used in the telephone interview so make sure you can remember what you wrote and be prepared to talk through your answers in more detail.

Remember a telephone interview is just as much of an interview as if you were face to face, so take it seriously and try to relax!

  – Emily

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