SOTF ambassador stories – Sandra and Helen


Raeanne had a great experience with the lovely Sandra last week.

Sandra was feeling very frustrated with her mobile phone, an iPhone 5C, as she had lost a video of her daughter’s graduation day. She was letting  her young niece play with it – taking pictures and filming silly videos, but she didn’t realise that her niece would delete some of her media.

She came to the store to see if there was any way we could restore the graduation video for her. After looking at all the options, Rae was able to  see that Sandra had an iCloud account. Sandra couldn’t remember if she had or not, let alone remember how to access it, but luckily we did! Rae  managed to find a backup of the video saved to her iCloud account and she restored it to her phone – much to Sandra’s delight!

She was so happy that she ended up showing the whole team the video – a very proud mother being able to show people a brilliant memory!


Our best customer story last week comes from a customer who stopped at the door and just HAD to find a manager to pass on their thanks. Helen  had been in several other stores trying to get her phone sorted. Her device had been replaced by an independent insurance company but when it  arrived it was locked to Vodafone. She was getting nowhere speaking to the insurance company, and had been into Vodafone several times but  had been told they could not help her as she was on O2. The customer was totally frustrated when she came in to see us, but after speaking to  several members of the team started to feel much better. We accompanied the customer down to Vodafone where we were able to explain to them  exactly what they needed to do. Helen then came back to us to lift some bars off her sim card and just couldn’t stop talking about how we finally got  to the bottom of the issue and resolved it, and no one else seemed to be able to! She said she’ll never go anywhere else!

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