SOTF ambassadors stories – Sharlene and Miss Early


Our story for last week comes from a customer called Sharlene. She popped in store with her new baby Allanah to talk about her upgrade options.  She was dreading it, but was quite simply overwhelmed by the service and how quick and simple our Guru Danny made the experience for her.

Whilst in store, she asked Danny about her tablet as she was having issues with connecting to WiFi and with storage. Danny spent time after  processing her upgrade to diagnose the issues and resolve. She left the store a very happy customer! About half an hour later she returned to the store with a thank you card reading:

“Thanks for sorting my new phone and tariff so quickly and for checking my tablet for me. So nice to be served by a staff  member that’s happy and helpful. Cheers, Sharlene and Baby Allanah”


During a digital skills workshop with Hammersmith & Fulham Council, Antonio had the pleasure of meeting a lovely unassuming lady, Miss Early, who was simply curious about understanding how to better use tablets and smartphones. Her primary concern was with being able to reply to text from her children and grandchildren who lived abroad. While they were going through  some basic skills on how to use touch screen and keyboards, they discussed their family and Antonio noticed she had a deep accent, to which she remarked was from the Caribbean.

Antonio told her he had family in the same area and after some discussion, as they continued to make their  way through her smartphone, they realised that they had family a lot closer than they thought! Antonio mentioned that with the use of “WhatsApp”,  she could not only speak with her family, but she would be able see them too. Antonio demonstrated this by video calling his mom, what with it being the early hours in the morning, she was just waking up. Antonio’s mother and Miss Early began speaking and quickly realized how close their families actual lived! They ended the call, setup “WhatsApp” on her phone and shortly thereafter she received her first video call – it was her  daughter – early was so happy to see her face. Miss Early’s daughter stated that one of her neighbours had just stopped by and told her to call her  mother – it was Antonio’s mother that told her to call!

On that day, for Miss Early, the world got a little bit closer. It all seemed so surreal, that something Antonio uses everyday, and often takes for  granted, could have such a profound impact on the way someone sees their world.

Miss Early was incredibly happy and very teary, as she now had the world – and most importantly – her family at her fingertips!

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