Stores of the Future – The Mission, the Execution and the Result.

Stores of the future. An interesting concept that was thrust upon us. Right from the onset I knew I was a player within the world stage. The team I was surrounded by were individual cogs that created a fantastic machine. The vision in mind was to create a warm and engaging environment that held customer satisfaction to the highest regard.  The mission, to push boundaries and expand the horizons of the O2 brand. The real question is was how capable were we?

Throughout all of my retail experience I have never been in a position where the bond formed with the team is indestructible.

A person to rely on, a person with a unique skill set and a person who could help push your limits and encourage growth. These were some of the roles fulfilled within the new concept store. This meant that upon opening day the apprehension faded, the anxiety shrunk and instead a group of powerful people who were keen to create powerful experiences for customers emerged.

From the heights of trialing virtual reality headsets and educating customers with lifestyle wearables. To the lows of closing the store at the end of the most anticipated first day. From the onset I knew I was a part of a magical experience that brought the best out of us so we could bring the best out of all who we encountered.

The impact this store has had on customers and all that interact with it has been amazing. Fan scores have been reflective of the service we have offered with customers offering alternative ways to show gratitude. With the ability to offer tutorials and masterclasses it has enhanced the overall experience and inspired customers to get fit with technology.

The future belongs to those that create it. The opportunities are endless and the enjoyment has just begun. As I stand here 3 weeks since opening, I have a huge sense of pride about what we have managed to achieve in a short space of time.The atmosphere, the team and a wealth of knowledge are all invaluable aspects of the store the future.

Raymond Tannor

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