This is me – Karl Williams

I lost my eyesight in one of my eyes in 2014 I have now become partially sighed. After evening with friends, I returned home with flu like symptoms and 48 hours later I had lost all sight in my eye. The doctors to this day do not know what caused it. Honestly without getting too deep, I prayed every night I was in hospital that my other eye would not go the same way.  After things started settling down I was grateful to have my life as it could have been worse. It didn’t sink in at first but when I realised there was no fix, I had to except it.  I was very lucky to have an amazing partner and family to build me back up again.

I have a few challenges with my vision. One challenge is my vision becoming blurred when talking to people or looking at a computer screen for a long period. I feel the need to pretend everything is fine while it refocuses which takes about 2-3 minutes. Other challenges is that I bump into things a lot. I recently went into a shop with a table full of glasses stacked like a pyramid, I accidently walked into the table and they came tumbling down, I was lucky that the shop owner saw the funny side, but my partner looked as if she wanted the floor to swallow her up haha.  I’ve learned to take my time and suss places out.  But don’t take me into antiques shop, that’s got bad news written all over it. 

“I have worked for O2 for 12 years and when I lost my eye in 2014 I knew like family O2 would look after me.”

They gave me time to get over the trauma of what happened and recover.  When I returned to work, my manager at the time gave me all the support I needed. He told me if I was not ready I did not have to come back, but I did and it was the best thing I ever did. Being on the shop floor helped me build my confidence and made me feel grounded again. I even was awarded most inspirational.

Family are there for you when you need it and O2 did exactly that for me.

Losing my sight in my left eye changed my life and my appearance.  I was nervous about going out in public as I felt I no longer looked good. My family, partner, friends and O2 got me through that.  But the one thing that I needed was strength in myself. Both physical and mental strength. The one thing I never did was let it set me back in life, because I am still the same person I have always have been.

Talking to people who are happy to listen helps you get small things off your chest and move on. Never dwell on it just do what you need to do to grow stronger. “Don’t ever be scared to talk about your feelings it’s not a weakness its shows strength”. 

My name is Karl, I am unique, and this is me.

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