Week in the life of a Territory Leader – Day 1

Two questions I often get asked in my role as Territory Leader are. How do you juggle being a mum and working as a TL” and What does your role look like on a Weekly basis”

So this got me thinking …..so I decided to do a 5 day blog on the “week in the life of” a Territory Leader.

I hope you can see from my blogs that you can juggle it all and also that it gives you a greater understanding of my role.


I normally get up at 6am as I try to make my spinning class at 6.30 am but today I didn’t go so that was a great start to my fitness this week.

I make breakfast for my 3 year old, and let the dogs out, I have two miniature schnauzers. I do nursery drop off on a Monday, so I usually drop her off at 8am before getting started on my day.   Most Mondays I work from home, as it’s a day full of conference calls and analysing numbers, setting up my week and looking at opportunities as it’s not worth wasting at least two hours of my time in traffic to go and sit in an office at another location.

My Monday’s usually look like this:

  • 10am     Project calls with my peers
  • 11am-12pm  Catch up on e-mails and my to do list
  • 12pm-1pm   Weekly trading call with my peers, line manager and other functions. We look at last week figures and the opportunities for this week and discuss all activity for the week ahead
  • 1pm-3pm   Emails and calls to my team, also any reward and recognition from last week and  pick up on any projects I am involved in and prepare for my call with my team
  • 3pm-4pm    Weekly call with my team
  • 4pm-5pm    Call with my boss and peers
  • 5pm-6pm    Emails and any other actions on my to do list, which is usually never ending ……

Regularly my 1pm-3pm gets filled with other calls with different functions across the business, but I have to manage this closely or I wouldn’t get time to do my other stuff.

I then pick my daughter up from Nursery, or my husband does, we try to take turns. I have an hour or so with her and do bedtime, she always wants two stories! I then prepare tea for the next two days as I am away at 6am tomorrow morning to our Head Office in Slough and I am not back until Thursday night.  If I didn’t prepare the tea then I think they would just have takeaway so best to be organised.   😉 We usually eat late, as I’m sure all you mums and dads out there know, you are last to be fed!

I am hugely lucky to have a supportive network around me, and my mum has my daughter 2 and a half days a week and can have her in any emergency situation.  My husband is massively calm and patient and supports me in what I do and is a great balance to my non-stop, want everything done yesterday mentality.

He works full time as en electrical and mechanical design engineer but we are lucky that he isn’t away a great deal and his offices are very close to home.

I have worked away since I went back to work, after 6 months maternity, so my daughter doesn’t know any different and I absolutely love my job. It also make the time I have with her super precious. Plus face time is a god send!

Brooke Darlington – Territory Leader (North)

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