Week in the life of a Territory Leader – Day 2


Today I am heading to our Head Office in Slough. I am on the 6.57am train to London Euston, then the tube to Paddington and then another train to Slough, then I will hopefully jump on one of the free shuttle buses from the station, all with my laptop bag and case in tow. I actually love getting the train as it gives me two hours on my laptop as I still need to work through my to do list so  nice to have the time to concentrate on it.

The reason I am at Head Office is due to Business Reviews.   Each month a selection of our Regional Leader team  present their business reviews to the Territory Leaders, our Stores Initiative Lead, our Head of Sales and Performance and our Head of Stores.

We review performance, look at opportunities, arrange any support and take any challenges back to the business. A great opportunity for the teams to talk about their successes and challenges.

That meeting is 11am-4pm and then have a project meeting from 4pm, where we discuss what has worked really well for us as part of the project we are working on and what we will incorporate in to Business As Usual.  Got a feeling that today will be a working lunch day.

I am then staying in Slough with Ian’s (our Head of Stores) direct reports team and it is our first day/night together as a new team as Ian has recently joined so really looking forward to catching up tonight with everyone.

As you can see from my early start that my alarm was a joy and I was trying to have a “no carbs” rule but that was broken this morning at the station.   You will learn over the course of my next few blogs that I am not very good when it comes to food and exercise but the intention is there.

Last night I managed to read two pages of Richard Branson’s book until I dropped off.  It is definitely worth a read and I was particularly loving how he did the recruitment for Virgin Airlines in Australia.  He asked for people with no experience in that area and went for personality and behaviours, which I think is fantastic.  I am a big believer that the right behaviours will get you a long way.

My daughter is in nursery for a half day today, she will be dropped off by her dad and picked up at 1pm by my mum.

So far this week has been busy – lets see what the rest of the week brings

Brooke Darlington – Territory Leader North

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