Week in the life of a Territory Leader – Day 3


After a productive yesterday, we had an eventful night, one of my colleagues cars was broken into whilst we ate … 🙈

Anyway on a lighter note, here we go with Day 3 as a Territory Leader.

I checked numbers last night and I saw some fantastic results which always makes me go to sleep happy. Great work team from everyone.

I was up early to attack my inbox as it had most definitely been filled yesterday. Met my colleagues in reception at 8am and we got an Uber to our Head Office in Slough.  Myself and my colleague have a catch up on the meeting we have at 9am, then we attend at 9am until 10am.

We then have a Store governance meeting 10am-2pm, this is where we can say yes or no to all things that impact stores, it’s a great meeting with all functions and a really good chance for us all to discuss projects and ideas.

I then have a catch up with my peers from 2pm to 4pm, on some actions from our people meeting last week and a few other things.

In between the hotel and going to head office I try and make calls to my team and anyone who called me yesterday.

I am then getting a Train at 5pm from Slough into London and then back out to Northampton, to stay there tonight.

Today my daughter is with my mum all day.  I face timed her last night before bedtime and told her a quick bedtime story, she loves a story before she goes to sleep.

Just a random thought, do you know what really annoys me in hotels, when the plugs aren’t next to the bed so I can’t pointlessly scroll through social media in my bed when my phone is charging.

Also today I had a banana for breakfast, no carbs – as of yet …….

Lets see what Day 4 brings.

Brooke Darlington – Territory Leader North

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