Week in the life of a Territory Leader – Day 5


It’s the last day of my blog and I have to say I’ve actually really enjoyed sharing and I really hope it has helped people see what my role entails and that you can do it all and balance work and being a Mum. It’s not easy but it’s very rewarding on both sides.

Yesterday I had a great day doing store visits with one of my Regional Leaders David Jonas, I met some great people and saw some creative back of house boards and saw lots and lots of  Store activity. 👍

We watched the Q4 update and we are totally ready to face the challenges that have been set. Bring it on 2018 !

We had some really good conversations around people and discussed plans to help support our people to grow and develop.

On my way home I bought some crisp £1.20. Not even a grab bag !!??? Have I missed something. I’m sure they were 50p the last time I bought them !?….so again great healthy eating day. 🙈

I came home and did bedtime with my little one, had two bedtime stories which was just lovely.  I also played her the new O2 advert, she thought it was brilliant as she adores all animals, especially Peter Rabbit ! I then just chilled on the sofa with my dogs and caught up with my husband and got another chapter of Richard Branson’s autobiography in.

I would normally visit a store on Friday morning, but I am away on a course next week, so need to pick up with my team, finish some work bits off and handover the territory to one of my Regional Leaders Paul so I am working from home so my Friday is looking like this.

  • 8am nursery drop off
  • 8am-10am  Project work
  • 10am Call with Paul to handover for next week
  • 11am I have a catch up call with Tiffany Jones from our L and D team to discuss talent development.
  • 12 noon I have a call with my team to handover and brief them on my last two days and share some of their experiences from this week.
  • 1pm-3pm catch ups with my team and in particular my Territory Support Leader Kerry
  • Then 3pm- 4.30pm I will be finishing everything off as I always try to finish no later than 5pm on a Friday as I love to pick my Daughter up and take her for a little treat and we get home and play or watch a film together, she gets super excited when it’s the weekend.

I also have some pre work to do for my course next week and I may even get myself to the gym over the weekend– all going well. 🙏

I want to thank everyone for taking the time to read my blogs, hope it’s helped some of the misconceptions that you can’t balance it all.

Here’s shouting out to everyone who works full time and all mums and dads who are doing the juggling act.

Remember work to live and always love what you do. If you don’t, you’ll be unhappy.

One of my favourite quotes is “failure is the mother of all success” You don’t always get everything right first time, as long as you learn and do something different next time you’ll be winning.

And lastly always make time to talk and listen and try to have some conversations that aren’t just about work, it’s healthy and it’s good to have a personal touch.

And definitely try to make peoples lives better through personal experiences that count.

Brooke Darlington  Territory Leader North


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