Why do we offer feedback?

Recently a lady that had applied to join our Customer Service team mentioned to me that she was surprised to have been offered feedback following her first interview with us. She was surprised because she had been successful and she had not expected to be given tips on what we would look for from her at the next stage. It got me thinking about feedback and how, why and when we offer it.

At some point in our career we are all unlucky enough to be turned down for a job that we were really excited about. It can be disheartening and you don’t always feel like asking for some feedback. Most employers should offer you the opportunity to get feedback if you are unsuccessful and if they don’t then you can always request it. Someone once told me that feedback is a gift, but it can often feel like unwanted novelty socks at Christmas! It can be hard to open yourself up to potential criticism but don’t worry. A good interviewer should be able to offer you positive and constructive feedback that will help to prepare you for your next interview. There may even be some really simple things that they can advise to really enhance your next application.

So, why would employers offer you feedback if you are successful at the preliminary stages? Well at O2 we believe that as with most things, interviews are a learning experience. If we invited you to a first interview for our Customer Service and Retail teams then we feel that you have something to offer, when you pass this stage we are really excited about meeting you at the second interview. We want to give you every opportunity to prepare for your next interview and so we will offer you some feedback. Don’t get too excited, we won’t be giving you the answers! What we will do is tell you what we think you have explained really well and we will give you some constructive feedback and tips on what we would like to see at the next stage. Hopefully this will help you fly through your next interview!

Would you like to hear feedback in between interview stages? Post a comment and let us know!

– Louise

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