Working together at Telefónica – Working Mums

At Telefónica, we believe in working together. This means, that we as a company make sure, that everyone has the same opportunities and rights to develop. In this video some of our employees wanted to share their experience with you.

This is what one of the stars of the video had to say on his experience while making the video:

“Hi! My name is Harry and I am 19 months old but people tell me I look two. My Mam works at Telefonica & last week she told me I was going to work with her to be in their new film. On a rainy day I really would have preferred quality time with my buds in the crèche but she promised it would be a step towards my career goal as “ the next Colin Farrell” & you gotta keep the Mam happy!

When i got there I met my film crew and I have to say I was pretty impressed with the offices! I met people from all over the place…..Czech, Slovakia, Germany, Argentina and the top women in technology. I am glad my Mam works here for the positive work life balance which means she can focus on my career too. Maybe there is room for the next Colin Farrell at Telefonica”

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